Factors That Affect The Cost Of Heavy Equipment Hauling

Transferring heavy equipment from one place to another demands expertise and the right company for safe transport. It requires the proper working of heavy machines, hauling trucks, and experienced professionals to drive the truck and load it carefully.

Heavy equipment hauling companies can safely transfer such equipment to the desired location of your choice. AAA Towing’s heavy equipment hauling services are ideal for moving your machines, compressors, modules, and other parts within or out of the city. We offer such services at affordable rates. As far as the cost of heavy equipment hauling is concerned, it depends on many factors. This blog post mentions the factors that can help you estimate equipment hauling costs beforehand.

Size Of The Equipment

The size of the equipment you have to haul is one of the many factors that will affect your overall cost. If your machine is large, it will require heavy trucks and big flatbeds with an extra amount of safety features to safely transport it from one place to another. For example, equipment such as a bulldozer can be quite heavy for some trucks, and therefore, you will need to haul them on bigger trucks.

Current Fuel Price

The current fuel price also plays an important role and will directly affect the equipment hauling prices. If prices are rising, it will directly impact the trucking industry, increasing the costs for their services. If the shipper is charged more for their services, they will increase their prices, ultimately impacting what you will have to pay. If you have to haul equipment a long distance and the current prices of fuel are high, you will have to bear higher bills.

Type Of Equipment You Need

If your machine is big, you will need bigger-sized equipment to safely load your equipment and secure it with safety belts. For example, for bulldozers and cranes, it is necessary to hire a company that has a wide range of big trucks that can accommodate such machines.

Distance Required To Travel

A longer distance requires more fuel and time to reach the destination. This means that longer distance equipment hauling is going to be more expensive as compared to nearer locations. Some companies don’t charge for a certain distance but after that will charge you a certain amount per mile. However, it is not true for all companies as some companies won’t give free services up to a certain distance. Therefore, if your machines have to be transported over a long distance, you should set a big budget for it.

Permit For The Equipment

There are permits required to transfer vehicles from one county to another. If you have to transport heavy machines from one place to another, you will need to seek permission from the relevant authorities. This can increase the overall cost of the process.

How Can AAA Towing Help You?

AAA Towing can help you transport your heavy machinery. We have personalized heavy equipment hauling services in Calgary and surrounding areas. We have transported vehicles to various and inaccessible parts of Alberta and other areas. We have a team of well-qualified specialists, load supervisors, and planners that can help you deliver your machines in no time. To avail our timely and dependable services contact us today.

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