Everything You Need To Know About Parkade Towing Services

Your car can unexpectedly break down anywhere. Special underground parking towing services can help you get your car out of tight spaces, such as underground parking. Everyone knows that underground parking has limited space and the ceilings are low.

Therefore, it can be hard for regular tow trucks to tow vehicles from there. Towing from a constricted parking service can be hard, and therefore, special tow trucks with lower heights and long tow arms are required.

Such tow trucks must be able to squeeze into the space and tow from even the tightest spaced areas. This blog post highlights the details about parkade towing and which types of towing services you can opt for.

Tow Trucks For Parkade Towing

Parkade towing is not like regular towing and therefore needs trained professionals and tow trucks to tow the vehicle safely out of the parking lot. Special tow trucks are needed as basement parking is often congested and has a low ceiling. Therefore, not every tow truck can come to rescue you from there.

Tow trucks come in many different varieties and sizes and serve different purposes. The ones you see that are long enough to carry 15 cars simultaneously wouldn’t work in this situation. Similarly, a flatbed won’t also work because it is too long for underground parking. Moreover, underground parking has limited space to turn the vehicles, and thus, it would be impossible for such tow trucks to tow or even come inside the parking lot. Furthermore, it would be difficult to create the appropriate angle to board a broken-down car from a parking spot onto a flatbed.

Light/Medium Trucks Are Suitable

Smaller tow trucks are suitable for parkade towing jobs as they can fit into the smaller areas and tight spaces. Such trucks are usually called medium or light trucks because they are used to tow cars or similar small vehicles instead of trailers or buses.

Their capacity and size make them suitable for this job. Another quality of these trucks suitable for parkade towing is that these trucks have a stinger attached to the base. A stinger is used to secure the wheels of a towed vehicle and support it during towing. These stingers can be lowered and raised as needed. So, this feature makes them ideal for underground towing.

The stinger is latched to either the bumper or tow hitch of the broken-down car. It is low enough to go through the height of underground parking lots and short enough to enable the proper angle to remove the vehicle from the parking lot. This can be of great help when there is no vacant space on any side of the car.

Wheel-Lift Trucks

Wheel-lift tow trucks are also suitable for parkade towing. However, the upward motion due to the arm moving up to lift two wheels off of the ground can be a problem in underground towing.

So, the wheel-lift truck uses an arm that is parallel to the ground. The two side brackets are opened once it is flattened on the ground. Its locks are used as cradles to cradle the vehicle’s tires for security, and remote-hydraulics raise the brackets and arms off the ground. This also raises the two wheels of the vehicle, and thus, the tow truck can take it wherever it needs to be.

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