Equipment Hauling Services A Towing Company Can Provide

Undeniably, towing enjoys a long, rich and memorable history. Over the years, tow truck companies have considerably evolved to incorporate numerous related services in their list of expertise. However, even today, many people mistakenly believe that the only service a towing company provides is the transportation of a broken down vehicle to its desired location.

But you will be surprised to learn that a tow truck company has evolved to become a one-stop shop for all your roadside assistance needs. From vehicle recovery, fuel delivery, lock-out services, battery boosting to any kind of assistance you might need, everything has become just a call away.

Recently, a merger between logistics, construction, and towing has marked the beginning of a revolutionary industrial integration. As a result, heavy equipment hauling has been added to the already vast service list of towing companies. The latter improvement clearly reveals that great surprises related to the aforementioned industries are in the works. In the future, we can expect the list of services provided by towing companies to surpass our imaginations and expectations.

Coming back to business, we understand that many of you might still be unsure about the type of equipment hauling services that towing companies provide. Hence, we shall use this blog to help you better understand the kind of heavy equipment hauling services you can quickly request in Calgary and across Alberta.

What Results In This Integration?

As we said, an integration between three distinct industries is on its way and is primarily responsible for the inclusion of equipment hauling as a service in towing companies lists. Let us have a brief glimpse of the back story. You are indeed aware that construction sites often need heavy equipment to lift and transport building units and materials. Also, the logistics industry needs to transport various materials, which may include heavy equipment, from one destination to the other.

Between these two industries, the towing industry has emerged as a point of unison. Both industries require either the transportation or lifting of heavy materials and towing companies are the best at handling heavy stuff.

Hence, regardless of your needs, simply request equipment hauling services from a reliable towing company.

Common Types Of Hauling Equipment

1. Bulldozers

Many of us found these giants quite intimidating in our early years, thanks to their monstrous appearance and unnerving name. Well, these monstrous vehicles provide a valuable hauling service. And here is a fun fact for you. You must have thought that a bulldozer refers to the whole giant car, but it actually refers to only the front-mounted dozer plate. This plate is mounted onto a separate tractor.

Bulldozers are often used in the construction industry for transportation on rough terrains, loosening up hard soil, and shifting soil from one place to another.

You utilise a track-based or wheel-based bulldozer depending upon the nature of the terrain you are working on.

2. Cranes

These are commonly seen on many construction sites. Their remarkable strength and weight lifting capacity allows them to fulfil numerous functions in any construction project. From lifting building units to demolishing large structures, cranes can do a lot.

The most common types of cranes are fixed and mobile cranes. As their names suggest, the cranes’ functions differ in relation to the amount of mobility required to do a specific task.

3. Loaders

Loaders fulfil the transportation function. Loose soil and heavy machinery, which is often a headache to transport from one place to another, can easily be carried using a loader.

Like a bulldozer, loaders can also either be track-based or wheel-based, and their suitability depends upon the type of terrain. This is perhaps the biggest reason why a regular vehicle is not suitable for the aforementioned functions.

4. Tractors

Tractors are an extremely versatile type of hauling equipment. Their ability to easily merge with other equipment allows them to carry out various demolishing, transportation, and digging tasks. Although they are a bit slow in terms of speed, no hauling equipment can match their incredible strength. Hence, they are often used to push or pull other heavy equipment.

To aid the process further, tractors can also be track-based or wheel-based.

5. Excavators

If you are looking for a machine that can act as a faithful companion on construction sites, excavators are the ultimate answer. These versatile hauling equipment have a bucket attached to an extended arm that can easily dig holes, demolish buildings and do everything in between these tasks.

6. Trucks

Last but not least are trucks on our list of hauling equipment. From towing to transportation, trucks can serve various needs thanks to their fast speed and lower cost.

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