Don't Forget These 7 Essential Items Before Going On A Road Trip

Road trips are exciting, full of adventure and unexpected incidents. While there would be moments that would make it temporarily unenjoyable, how you react in those situations will determine your experience with the road trip.

Often there comes a time on your road trip where your car breaks down, tires become flat, or you need some other roadside assistance such as towing. For this, packing some essential items that might come in handy in such situations is important.

Below we have mentioned some important things that you must have in your car before heading on your next road trip.

Car Documents

If you are thinking of traveling a great distance in your car, you will encounter traffic police at various check-posts to check your car’s documents and your license. Ensure to keep your car’s license, registration documents, and other important documents to avoid any legal actions taken against you.

Spare Tires

Flat tires are a common sight on highways. Therefore, always have a spare tire with you along with a jack, lug wrench, and tire iron to change your tire whenever you need to. Also, keep an instruction manual with you if you don’t know how to change a tire.

Roadside Assistance Contact

Roadside assistance is often needed when you are going on a long road trip. Therefore, having contact numbers of nearby towing and other services to safely get out of the situation is important. If you reside in Calgary, AAA Towing is the best option available for its customers to reach out for help and get back on the road as soon as possible. Note down our contact number here.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning essentials are important for making your trip comfortable. Having such items is crucial to maintain your hygiene on the go without depending on stops and public places. Some of these items are:

  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Sanitizers
  • Water bottles
  • Soaps/hand wash
  • Towels
  • Wipes
  • Tissue Paper
  • Toilet Rolls

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit can save you from potential injuries and bruises. Road trips can bring you unexpected scrapes, falls, blisters, and more. Having a first aid kit equipped with bandages, pins, burning cream, ointment, gauze pads, scissors, and other items is essential. Multiple types of first aid kits are available in the market. Get one of them and keep it in your car at all times.


Although you may come across plenty of truck shops during your travels, keeping your favorite snacks and drinks with you at all times will make your road trip more enjoyable. Ensure that you keep enough water bottles with you to keep yourself hydrated throughout your journey as you might have a hard time finding water.

Music System

Nobody wants to have a dull and boring road trip looking outside only and thinking about random things. Pick your top songs for your road trip and play them using your phone, Bluetooth, aux cable, or whatever format your car supports. Everybody will sing along, and it will be so much fun.

Are You Planning A Road Trip?

A road trip sounds fun until you have to deal with a problematic car situation in the middle of a road. That’s why remaining in touch with towing services is important. AAA Towing is one of Calgary’s most reliable towing companies that offer towing and other helpful services. We work with all major insurance companies and give you real professional services in no time.

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