Difficulties A Tow Truck Driver Faces During The Towing Process

Driving a truck itself is different and challenging as compared to other cars and vehicles that are smaller. When it comes to tow truck driving, the driver is required to have great expertise in order to protect the truck and the client’s car at the same time. However, avoiding accidents and mishaps during the towing process is not solely dependent on the driver’s skill level. Several external factors affect the process.

Below are some of the main factors that affect the towing process and test the skills of a tow truck driver.

Load Placement

The load of the car being towed or transported needs to be in the right place. The placement of the load matters a lot for the safety of the tow truck and the car. The tow truck driver must know where to place the load and where its center of gravity is. This will affect how the driver is able to maneuver the car between traffic and around difficult turns.

The Weight Of The Car

The car behind the tow truck has a specific weight that determines how the tow truck driver must drive. There is a direct effect of the car’s weight on the driving style and approach of the driver. A driver’s experience and skills enable him to adapt to different practices to tow the car safely to its destination.

Snow And Ice On The Road

If we go beyond the tow truck and the attached car, other factors that pose a challenge are ice and snow on the road that keep drivers on their toes. One wrong move can cause an accident due to the slippery road.

Apart from the experience and skills a tow truck driver must possess, a tow truck driver must also have the necessary tools and equipment to handle snow and ice. For instance, the chains to wrap the tires to make driving in the snow possible. They must select the tires of the tow truck carefully, depending on the weather conditions in the region.

Traffic On The Road

Tow truck drivers have to face all kinds of traffic and people on the road all day. People in different moods, states of mind, and situations come on the road with their cars, vehicles, and motorcycles. They have to deal with them too while towing cars and rescuing vehicles. The speed that they tow the vehicles while on the road and other decisions need to be reviewed and adjusted based on the number and nature of the traffic on the road.


Rain is another factor that causes problems for tow truck drivers. Rain does not only cause your vehicle to slip on the road but also hampers visibility. Tow truck drivers need to be more vigilant when driving in such conditions. Rain can be a big distraction for a tow truck driver especially when they have the added pressure of protecting the client’s car.

Speed Limits

Different highways and roads have different speed limits for various kinds of traffic. Truck drivers need to ensure that they meet these speed limits. Of course, this is done to avoid any penalties by traffic police, however, a more grave responsibility fueling the careful behaviour is the fact that the driver has to keep the client’s vehicle safe too. There may be some circumstances where going too slow could create problems for the other vehicles on the road.

Therefore, a tow truck driver needs to maintain a safe, legal, and appropriate speed that neither compromises the safety of the car they are towing nor causes an inconvenience to the other drivers on the road.

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