Some Defensive Driving Tips To Keep You Safe On The Road

Lack of safety considerations and aggressive driving causes hundreds of deaths in Canada every year, and the harsh weather conditions in the winter season make matters worse. In the past, you had fewer distractions when driving, so you were more focused on the road. Distracted driving has become a major problem as people multitask as they drive – texting, phone calls, eating, or watching their Kids TV takes their attention away from traffic. This has led to a significant rise in car crashes and other incidents that require emergency roadside assistance.

Defensive driving is a great way to minimize the risk of traffic accidents and resulting injuries. Defensive driving is based on the notion that as a driver, you need to be mindful and vigilant behind the wheel. It means that you need to consider the road to be inherently dangerous; therefore, to avoid any threats, you must drive safely to avoid monetary and human loss. All drivers should update their defensive driving skills to keep themselves and others safe. In particular, commercial truck drivers and individuals who are responsible for towing or hauling cargo over long distances need to practice defensive driving the most.

Read this blog to learn about some of the defensive driving tips you need to know to keep yourself safe while driving on busy roadways.

Stay Alert And Focused

When you are in the driver’s seat of your truck, your attention should be on driving and not any distractive tasks like texting or talking on the phone. Keep your focus on the road, your vehicle, and others around you. This enables you to anticipate the actions of other drivers and maneuver your vehicle according to the need of the moment – taking a turn or stopping.

Being alert and aware of your surroundings is the main objective of defensive driving. Check your side and rearview mirror regularly, so you are aware of what is happening behind you on the sides of your vehicle as well. Keeping an eye on your blind spot will help you overtake or change lanes on a highway safely.

To react quickly when faced with potential problems, e.g. when the driver in front of you suddenly slams on his brakes, you need to stay alert. Diving under the influence of alcoholic drinks or even prescription drugs can affect your reaction time and judgment leading to a crash. It’s important to steer clear of any medication and catch up on sleep before hitting the road.


If you are at a junction and you’re not sure that the other driver is going to move forward, then you should yield even if it’s your right of way, not theirs. It’s better to avoid making wrong assumptions and practicing caution by slowing down and letting the other vehicle pass first. This way, you can avoid the harmful consequences of aggressively moving forward and getting hit by the other vehicle. As a defensive driver, yielding by default will reduce the likelihood of any undesired accidents or collisions from occurring.

Don’t Trust Other Drivers

The only thing in your control while driving is how you drive and what type of driver you are. How other drivers behave when experiencing a difficult situation is not something you can control. You can’t anticipate or control how other drivers will react when they come across an obstacle or an ambiguous situation. Don’t trust that the other drivers will look out for you, trust your judgment only and protect yourself from harm when on the road. Assume that other drivers will make a mistake or run a red light and choose a reaction accordingly to maximize your safety.

Following the above-mentioned defensive driving tips will ensure your safety and that of your truck while driving on the road. It is vital that you keep a distance from other vehicles, much like creating your own safety bubble, and control your speed. Make a habit of regularly checking your mirrors and blind spots when needed. Do not trust that the other drivers on the road will always behave properly and follow the rules. They might be driving under the influence or be distracted while driving – be in charge of your safety.

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