3 Most Common Signs Of Car Transmission Failure

Your car’s transmission, compared to its other mechanical components, endures more wear and tear throughout its lifetime. Much like the engine, a properly functioning transmission is equally important for a smooth driving experience because it plays an important role in enabling your car’s wheels to spin, which in turn moves your car. As a car owner, you do not want to deal with transmission issues. However, ignoring the signs indicating transmission damage or failure can quickly put you in this undesirable situation.

For any vehicle, its transmission is the most underappreciated and neglected component. Not understanding the signs of a failing transmission can lead to a breakdown and having to wait for a towing service on your way to work. In addition, you can increase your transmission’s lifespan and save money by taking your car to an auto shop for routine maintenance and quick inspection. For example, you can replace the solenoid valve today for a fraction of the price you will have to pay for a complete transmission rebuild later.

Whether it has a manual transmission or has the ease and convenience of an automatic one, it’s an important part of your car. Knowing the symptoms of potential failure can help you prevent future incidents. Read this blog for a better understanding of these tell-tale signs.

Odd Noises

The noise produced by a problematic transmission will depend on its make and model. Thus, each vehicle has a different sound that indicates transmission issues. You must consider the following two things to effectively determine if a specific sound requires your close attention.

  • Have you heard this noise previously? If not, then you must have your car inspected by a local mechanic or by a certified transmission specialist
  • Is your car producing a buzzing, humming, or clunking noise? If so, then you could be dealing with a failing transmission

A transmission is made up of hundreds of parts, and a worn case or single bearing can produce a troubling noise – especially in an automatic transmission. These odd noises are more than just a nuisance; they are a tell-tale sign that you have a transmission failure issue. Therefore, you should be able to differentiate the noise difference between a manual and an automatic transmission.

  • Automatic transmissions emit a humming or buzzing sound.
  • Manual transmissions produce clunking or other harsher mechanical noises.

Leaking Fluid

The Transmission Fluid or TF of your car has the important function of decreasing friction and preventing its engine from overheating. It also prevents your gear from shifting by lubricating the transmission’s components and works as a hydraulic fluid, allowing your car’s gear to engage properly. It is very easy to detect leaking transmission fluid.

If the transmission fluid is leaking, it will cause your transmission to operate with low fluid levels. This will result in the high likelihood of your engine overheating or transmission failure. Take your vehicle to a transmission repair shop immediately if you see a pool of bright red fluid under it. If the fluid is dark brown or black and emits a searing smell, then the transmission fluid may be burnt. Your transmission is beyond any possible repair in this situation, and you will need to replace it.

Burning Smell

If your transmission fluid doesn’t accompany a searing or burning smell, then the chances are high that your TF is overheating. The breakdown of your transmission’s metallic component is usually responsible for this burning smell. If your meter is over 100,000 miles, then you must get its TF flushed or serviced as soon as possible. Otherwise, a burning, acrid smell like burning rubber or oil will come from your transmission, indicating that it is failing.

If you witness smoke coming out, it means that your car’s transmission fluid is extremely hot. A completely burnt transmission fluid can no longer serve its purpose of managing heat, lubricating parts, and hydraulically shifting gears.

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