Common Factors In Tow Truck Accidents And How To Avoid Them

The sight of a tow truck after being stranded on the road or after a severe accident that caused severe damage to your vehicle can be an enormous relief. Tow trucks safely move your vehicle to a new location, or to the repair shop and take away all your tension regarding your vehicle.

However, this is not where your worries end. If you are getting your car towed in bad weather, your tow truck might get into an accident. The chances for this are low but it is still a threat. Moreover, the weight of the tow truck alone is much more than many vehicles and if the tow truck is carrying a vehicle then you are in a very dangerous situation.

Due to their huge size and heavyweight tow trucks take a lot of time to change speed. Tow trucks also require more room to maneuver than smaller passenger vehicles and have much larger blind spots. All of these things raise the risk of accidents.

There are many factors that contribute to a tow truck accident and their severity. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the common factors that lead to a tow truck accident and what you can do to avoid them.

Drivers Fatigue

Accidents happen at all times of day and night. According to a study, 49% of fatalities in car accidents occur during the night and 51% during the day. Though night time driving comes with many challenges there are fewer drivers on the road at night. Since tow truck drivers need to respond to hazards and accidents at all hours, they get tired and suffer from fatigue out on the road. There are times when they have to get out of their beds to address towing needs and sometimes at the end of a long day at work they need to tow a vehicle whilst they are tired and exhausted.

Fatigued drivers face the same symptoms just like inebriated drivers on the road. They can suffer from tunnel vision, disorientation, and trouble with response times and reflexes. There are more chances of a fatigued driver to doze off behind the wheel, and risk the lives of others on the road. They may also struggle to safely control the vehicle and break the rules of the road. The only way you can avoid an accident with a fatigued driver on the road is by staying alert around tow trucks.

Improperly Trained Drivers

One thing that makes a huge difference in many accident scenarios is the experience and training of the driver. But still, the majority of towing companies only give cursory training to their drivers. There are many drivers who only need to prove that they can handle a truck to be given their permit. Poorly trained tow truck drivers will not know how to properly tow a vehicle and they will lack the skills needed to operate the tow truck safely in heavy traffic. Drivers that lack experience and knowledge are more likely to panic in a dangerous scenario increasing the chances of an accident. Only experienced and renowned towing companies will have professional and trained tow truck drivers therefore you should always get services from professional towing companies.

Blind Spots

Just like many other big trucks, tow trucks also have large blind spots. But these blind spots are more dangerous for tow trucks because they often vary depending upon the size of the vehicle being towed. This makes it difficult for even experienced drivers to accurately determine the location of other vehicles around it.

Therefore tow truck drivers need to be able to carefully maneuver and pay close attention to the other vehicles around them to reduce the risk of a severe accident. Modern tow trucks come with external cameras that help drivers see what is happening around them. But these cameras don’t come on every tow truck, only modern and upgraded tow trucks have this facility. However, inexperienced tow truck drivers may also have trouble judging their distance on a camera, which can increase the risk of an accident even if they use the cameras to the best of their ability.

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