Common Car Warning Signs And What They Mean

Driving on the road and enjoying the scenery around you is fun until you notice a sign on your dashboard without any idea of what that means. Dozens of car signs can appear on your dashboard, and not knowing what they mean can be quite dangerous.

Such car signs are deliberately designed to let you know about any important issues with your car beforehand so you can avoid serious consequences. These lights also have different colors, so if a red light appears on the dashboard, it is a sign of a major issue and needs to be tackled immediately.

This blog post talks about the different car warning signs that can appear on your dashboard and what they mean.

Oil Pressure Light

Such an indication means that your lubrication oil is not doing its job. It is either too thick or there is a lack of it. Lubricating oil is necessary for the proper working of your engines’ parts and to avoid high-speed friction. This sign appears in red, which means it must be tackled immediately.

If this light comes on, stop driving and check your oil pressure. If you keep on driving with this light on, it can damage your engines’ parts. Ensure that your car is properly lubricated and see if the light goes off. If not, call for emergency roadside assistance.

Battery Warning Light

If your battery warning indicator light comes on it means that there is something wrong with your car’s battery. It might indicate that the charging system is short or is not charging properly. But, interestingly enough, the culprit might not always be the battery of your car. It might indicate that your car has a loose or damaged battery cable. It can also signal that your alternator belt is broken.

Your vehicle will completely conk out if you don’t take action on time. So, call for a battery boosting service or other roadside service company to come and help you.

Low Fuel Indicator

This one is an easily understandable sign that lights up when your car is running short on fuel. After this light is turned on, your car will go on for a few miles until it completely stops. To fix this stop at a nearby gas station and fill up your car with fuel.

Lack Of Cooling Water Sign

Another sign that could appear after your car has overheated is the lack of cool water indicator. The lack of coolant can overheat your car, and affect your car’s engine badly. If your car becomes overheated while driving, stop your car and wait until its temperature drops. Then, check the cooling water level of your car. You can also measure the temperature by periodically checking the temperature meter on your cars’ dashboard to avoid further overheating your car.

Brake Oil Light

Brake oil is another essential element required for the well-functioning of your car, and without it, your car’s brakes won’t function correctly. If there is a problem with your brake oil, an exclamation mark-like sign will appear on the dashboard. However, there might be other issues with your brakes. This sign indicates that you need to change your car’s brake oil.

Other Warning Signs

Other signs that might appear on your dashboard are:

  • Car airbag sign
  • Handbrake sign
  • Tire pressure sign
  • Seatbelt sign
  • Reduced power warning sign
  • Fog lamp indicator
  • Washer fluid indicator

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