Beware! These Signs May Indicate Potential Tire Failure

Think of your vehicle’s tires as your feet. Imagine running barefoot several hours a day and then slumping straight to bed without ensuring that your feet are okay. You would be able to endure and ignore the pain for perhaps the first two to three days, or a maximum of five days. But in the end, the pain will become unbearable, and you will acknowledge the need to rest and treat your feet.

Unfortunately, your beloved automobile can neither voice out its discomfort nor can you feel its ache. Luckily you can cover your feet to protect them from damage. You can also apply various creams and lotions to curb the painful cracks, blisters, and wounds. However, once deteriorated, your tires’ tread will never grow back like your feet. The only way to fix the problem is to replace them.

However, as renowned roadside assistance and towing service providers of Calgary and its surrounding areas, we would like to show you another angle to this story. Instead of telling you about how to avoid early tire replacements and save costs, we want to enlighten you regarding the dangers of experiencing tire failure on the road and how to avoid them.

Hence, this blog will first explain the dangers of a damaged tire and then unveil some warning signs you may look out for to avoid the said risks.

Dangers Of Driving With Damaged Tires

Without a doubt, you are aware that driving with damaged tires can result in a few extra dollars leaving your pocket. However, it should not always just be about money and savings. We have been in this business since the early 1980s, and we have been called on every day to aid folks in need of roadside assistance since then. In reality, some of the situations we encountered were heinous, and many of them were caused by a damaged tire that gave up unexpectedly.

To save our readers from any such mishaps, we shall open your eyes to the matter at hand:

  • Increased halt times: You must be aware that there is a gap of a few seconds between the moment you press on the brakes and the time your car comes to a stop. However, this gap increases when you drive with worn-out tires. In wet conditions, this scenario may result in detrimental accidents.
  • Poor control: You might think a firm grip on the steering is all you need to control your vehicle. However, if the tires are not doing their job, your steering will do little to help control the car.
  • Unexpected stops: The last thing you want to experience is a flat tire on a vacant road in the stillness of the night. Have you got a spare tire?

If you ever do find yourself stranded on the road for any reason, request general roadside assistance services from the experts.

Look Out For These Signs

“Abrupt, unexpected, and out of the blue.”

These are the common words and phrases our customers use to explain their situation when requesting our services. While we agree with you and accept that it is a matter of fate, we, nevertheless, believe some things can be avoided through precaution and prudence.

The below-mentioned signs should ring bells of warning in your mind to replace your tires immediately:

Blisters And Bumps

Let us go back to the earlier example of our feet. The most obvious sign of damage to your feet would be blisters and wounds. Well, the same applies to your car’s tires. If you notice blisters or bulges on the sidewalk, it is time to replace your tires.

Worn Out Treads

The second sign of a tire that may give up at any time is an unduly worn-out tread. In such a case, replacement is an obligation because you are putting your own life and others in danger. While modern tires come with inbuilt tread indicators, you may purchase a gauge for this purpose. Otherwise, you can also resort to the traditional penny and quarter trick to measure the treads depth.

Unnecessary And Unusual Vehicle Trembling

While vibration in a vehicle may occur due to many reasons, excessively damaged tires may also result in it. In such a case, inspect your tires and replace them as soon as possible.

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