Benefits Of Using Wheel-Lift Towing For Light Vehicles

Towing a vehicle is a process that requires professional experience and the right tow trucks. There are different types of towing methods such as:

  • Hook and Chain Tow
  • Wheel Lift Tow
  • Integrated Tow
  • Oversized Towing
  • Boom
  • Wheel-lift Tow

However, picking the right kind of tow truck and method is important to help you safely transfer your vehicle to the place you want.

One of the most commonly used towing methods is the wheel-lift method. This method is quite useful for towing lightweight vehicles.

This blog post highlights the details about the wheel-lift towing method and how it can benefit you.

What Is Wheel-Lift Towing?

Wheel-lift towing is a process of towing that involves towing a vehicle by lifting the car’s front wheels. Both the hidden wheel-lift and slide-in wheel lift tow the car and use a safe principle to tow the car.

This method uses an electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical device to attach to the rear end of the tow truck to lift the front of the car. This method has a wheel-lift system that the operator in the truck controls.

Benefits Of Wheel Lift Towing

It Is An Efficient Method

This is an efficient method for towing smaller vehicles. The wheel-lift slides under the wheel and lifts the vehicle’s front wheels. After that, it is ready to go. For more efficient towing, some tow trucks have hydraulic-powered auto-lead head and cab controls. This gives better control and grip to tow a car.

It Is Suitable For Tighter Spots

Wheel-lift towing is a suitable method of towing lighter vehicles from tighter spots. As they don’t lift the vehicle much higher and the wheel-lift tow trucks themselves are not high, this method is great for areas with low clearance.

Therefore, if you need a towing service to tow your vehicle from a difficult spot, this is a suitable method, especially if you have a lightweight vehicle.

It Minimizes Damage

Another benefit of the wheel-lift towing method is that it minimizes any damage to the vehicle. The wheel-lift goes under the wheels and lifts them off; it does no damage to the car.

The vehicle is completely supported by its drive tires. Thus, it helps minimize the damage to the bumper or frame of the car. So, you can have your car towed safely to wherever you want.

It Is Cheaper

Flatbed tow trucks and heavy-duty towing are costlier than lightweight towing. Wheel-lift towing consists of small trucks that also consume less fuel. This can be quite a cost-saving towing option for you compared to other types of tow trucks.

It Can Tow Damaged Cars

Has your car been in an accident? If this is the case, wheel-lift towing is your reliable choice for towing. It can easily and safely tow the damaged car without causing further damage. Therefore, if you want to safely tow your car after an accident, it is better to go with wheel-lift towing.

It Is A Fast Method

Unlike other towing processes such as the flatbed or others, wheel-lift towing is a faster towing process. This method takes about half the time as that of towing on a flatbed. Moreover, the operator will know how to handle the towing on a wheel-lift so the process will be completed faster.

Therefore, if you are stuck on a roadway with your vehicle and want to get out of there as soon as possible, wheel-lift towing is a better choice.

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