5 Things That Can Help You Tow A Trailer Safely

Whether you are a towing expert, and have been hauling trailers for years, or are going on your first family road trip with a small travel trailer, pulling a trailer behind a vehicle cannot be taken casually. It is a tricky business that requires a whole set of skills to ensure your safety and the safety of those travelling on the road.

Below we have compiled a list to help you avoid getting into an accident. Consider this towing guide before hitting the road with your trailer.

Check The Trailers Tires

A very common mistake people tend to make when going on road-trip with a travel trailer is that they forget to check their trailer’s tires for adequate pressure. Although some drivers ensure that the air pressure on their pickup or towing car is in accordance, most ignore their trailer’s tires and therefore end up in situations where they can no longer haul their trailer behind their car. This is why drivers must be mindful of the condition of their tires on their pickup vehicle and trailer.

Even if the tires treads appear to be in good condition, you should still check and ensure that they have no potential leaks. Further, bear in mind that your trailers tires require slightly higher pressure for a smooth towing experience. Moreover, make sure the wheel lug nuts on the trailer and tow vehicle are tightened to the specified torque.

Your Tow Vehicle’s Maintenance Is Up To Date

Towing is a heavy-duty job that puts additional stress on a towing vehicle. Therefore, it is best to have your vehicle undergo a proper maintenance inspection before hitting the road. The most important aspect of this maintenance check-up is to have the brakes of your towing vehicle tested for efficiency. Make sure they are performing at their best, and your brake-pads are in good condition.

Furthermore, make sure your towing vehicle has recently received an oil and filter change, and the engine coolant and transmission fluid are up to desired levels in their respective reservoirs.

Know Your Towing Weight Limits

The trailer you are hauling must fall under your hauling vehicle’s towing capacity and limits as it can potentially disbalance the vehicles side-lining, in-turn becoming a cause for accidents. Furthermore, evenly distribute the weight on your trailer and consider running a test drive to ensure it does not cause trouble while driving.

The Size Of The Hitch Ball

When planning on towing a trailer, make sure that the hitch ball on your towing vehicle is the same size as the coupler on your trailer that is to be hauled. This perfect fit will allow a good grip on the trailer with minimal chances of disbalance and sideling.

Some Significant Things To Consider

Hauling or towing a vehicle behind your car is not an easy task. You must consider various things to ensure the proper and safe towing of your trailer. Some of these considerations include:

  • Ensure your trailer lights are properly working
  • Use wheel chocks when unhooking the trailer
  • Gert tow mirrors for safe traveling
  • Utilize safety chains for added safety on the road
  • These may seem to be simple tasks, but they can make a huge difference in safely helping you tow a trailer.

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