5 Signs Your Car Needs Servicing

The last thing you need when driving during morning rush hour is to call your nearest Calgary towing service to haul your vehicle to an auto repair shop. If you are someone who procrastinates when it comes to servicing your car regularly, you probably ignore all the warning signs that lead to your car breaking down in the middle of your journey.

However, paying attention to what your automobile is telling you can help you avoid costly expenses in the future. Identifying some of the obvious indicators that your car has a problem requiring it to be fixed can save you time and allow you to bring your car in for servicing before it breaks down.

Here is a list of five signs that your car needs service:

Warning Lights

If your car’s lights are flashing it is usually a sign that something is wrong with your vehicle. You should check and see where the problem is and get it checked to avoid any possible risks to your safety – do not wait for the problem to go away on its own. The flickering dome or head-lights can be due to loose battery connections; you can fix it by tightening the connectors.

However, your car might have some major problems if any lights on the dashboard are blinking. For instance, a blinking light can be due to low or high air pressure in your tires or a fault in your engine. Have it checked, especially your engine’s lights, to avoid any dangerous scenarios.

Unusual Noises

If you notice any unusual sounds coming from your car while driving, this can usually indicate a problem. A squealing noise every time you apply brakes can be caused by worn-out pads, and the dragging of tires on your wheel arches can also produce a weird sound. Your brake pads and shoes prevent friction, so they need to be changed regularly. Issues with the exhaust and gearbox of your vehicle produce a vibrating sound, which is a tell-tale sign that your car needs service.

An exhaust that’s louder than usual needs to be fixed as it poses a risk of falling out while driving.

Leaking Fluids

Your car uses fluids for various purposes such as cooling, lubrication, steering, and brakes. If you observe any leaks coming from your vehicle, it is an indication that you should get your car to the nearest car service provider as soon as possible. A dark-colored spill is usually due to either a leak in the brake fluid or an oil reservoir. Some spills can be from a faulty exhaust pipe too. These fluids are supposed to remain inside your vehicle, so get any leaks repaired to prevent severe consequences in the long run.

Smoke & Burning Smell

If you smell something like oil burning or see smoke coming out of your exhaust, there may be a leaking valve, which allows oil to get into places in the engine that it’s not supposed to, causing smoke to come out of the exhaust.

While there are several different reasons, such as coolant entering the combustion chamber, oil leaking from the exhaust pipe, or a cracked engine block, any burning smells along with rising smoke require immediate attention.

Visible white smoke during the winter seasons is quite common and nothing to worry about, but smoke from overheating engines in the summer is a sure-fire sign that your car is heading towards serious trouble.

Steering Problems

Problems with your car’s steering wheel can be hazardous and should immediately be checked by a mechanic to prevent precarious situations from arising. This can include vibrations caused by wheel alignment or power steering issues. If you feel your steering repeatedly getting stuck or your car drifting to one side when in a neutral position, it means that the steering needs maintenance.

Ignoring these signs can damage parts of your car that may not be covered by insurance and cause life-threatening injuries to your passengers as well. To avoid experiencing any problems mentioned in this blog, you should get your car checked regularly and understand how it works under normal circumstances to help you detect issues quickly.

In case you experience any one of the scenarios mentioned above, contact your local roadside assistance or towing company for help. However, routine maintenance is the best way to avoid expensive repairs, wasted time, and health risks.

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